UKRESOLUTION is the UK's national resolution centre. UKRESOLUTION is designed for small and medium sized enterprises, third sector organisations or large organisations which wish to utilise TCM's Resolution Framework™ but don't have the capacity to do so in house. UKRESOLUTION also provides best practice for managing discipline, grievance, harassment, bullying, employee conflicts and collective disputes. This page explains more


UK Resolution offers a comprehensive package of dispute resolution and conflict management support to a wide array of organisations. Operating as part of the TCM Group, we are drawing on over twenty years experience of award-winning employee relations, mediation, coaching, investigations and restorative practices.

Hi, we are Emily, Adam, Harriette and Chloe and we are the team behind UKRESOLUTION – a modern and forward thinking initiative brought to you from The TCM Group. We  support organisations which want to put their purpose, their values and their people first.

In a nutshell, UKRESOLUTION helps small and medium sized organisations (SMEs) or third sector organisations to resolve issues at work by replacing their traditional grievance, discipline and performance management procedures with an overarching Resolution Framework™. Due to having less internal resource or capability, the process of integrating and then managing the Resolution Framework™ is outsourced to TCM freeing up the managers of the organisation to get on with the hard work of making their organisation, and their people, thrive.

We also support larger organisations which wish to develop a Resolution First™ approach but quite aren’t ready to develop the full internal infrastructure. In these cases, we act as the outsourced Resolution Centre, we manage the requests for resolution, we undertake the resolution triage assessments and we provide high quality case management and reporting throughout the case. We also provide mediation, investigation, formal resolution meeting and appeals services and training.

We provide full spectrum support to our customers and we are available to answer any questions you may have about any aspect of our resolution services and how outsourcing your Resolution Framework™ to TCM might benefit your organisation.

Together, we are

The benefits of UK Resolution include:

  • Helping those organisations which don’t have the internal capacity to make full use of TCM’s award wining Resolution Framework™. This may include small and medium sized enterprises, third sector organisations and larger organisations who want to outsource their Resolution Framework™ to TCM.
  • Acting as the outsourced Resolution Centre and providing each customer with the full suite of support that they would have access to if they had an internal Resolution Centre.
  • Supporting  the process of integrating the Resolution Framework™ drawing from the 10 modules covered in the Resolution Consultancy Section. This includes undertaking 5D reviews, stakeholder engagement, policy alignment, supplying and customising templates, case management and launch.
  • Providing a fully outsourced resolution triage process using TCMs ground breaking Resolution Index™. This objective decision making system, assists our customers to identify the most appropriate route to resolution in each case.
  • Delivering access to the full suite of resolution services including mediation, coaching, team facilitation, investigations, formal resolution meeting chairs and appeal chairs.
  • In partnership with our panel of qualified employment lawyers, providing employment law advice and guidance to our customers.
  • Providing access to a full suite of training and support to our customers in alignment with the training options as explained in the training and development section of this website.
  • Producing regular analytics reports which support our customers to optimise learning and insights from their resolution approach.

Who have we worked with?

For over 20 years, The TCM Group has been proudly working with many household names to deliver our Engage Leadership™ programmes. These programmes have helped many hundreds of managers and leaders to create high performing, people-centred organisations.

What do our customers say?

Got a question?

If you have got a question about any aspect of UK Resolution please do not hesitate to to get in touch.

You can also contact us via the UK Resolution Hotline 0800 059 0595. Alternatively, please click here to send us an email.

We look forward to hearing from you!